Low price is not reliable, look at two smells, three burning, silk

About 97% of the silk is composed of pure natural animal protein, which is close to human skin and therefore has good skin-friendly properties. As the weather gradually turned cold, there were many stalls selling silk quilts on the streets and markets in Liuzhou. The silk quilts of three or four hundred yuan per bed attracted many citizens at low prices. However, the reporter interviewed the industry and learned that low-cost silk is not reliable, and purchase should be cautious, so as not to affect the health of the body due to quality problems.


Silk is being sold more and more popular yesterday. The reporter visited some comprehensive markets such as Liuzhou Shengli Road and Feige Road to learn that the sales of warm-type bedding began to be hot. Two or three hundred yuan of silk quilts attract many citizens at low prices. In a bedding store in Feiyue Road, the reporter saw that the special silk quilt (4 kg), which is as low as 399 yuan, was welcomed by the elderly of six or seventy years old, and sold more than ten beds in just half an hour.

"This kind of silk is priced at 288 yuan per kilogram, and now the price is 100 yuan per catty. From the direct sales price of Hechi and Xiangzhou factories, the intermediate link is eliminated, so it is much cheaper than the mall." A salesperson told reporters that these Silk is a natural 100% silk. If you suspect that there is a problem with silk, you can open it and test it on the spot. Under the insistence of several aunts, the staff opened the sutures of the silk quilt and let the customers touch it by hand. However, when the reporter asked to use the detection method described on the Internet, the staff refused.


The low-cost silk is not worthy of a bed of 4 kg of authentic silk is sold for only 400 yuan, in the end is not reliable? Yesterday, the reporter contacted several reeling factories and silk processing factories in Hechi City. For such low-priced silk quilts, manufacturers have considered it unreliable.

According to the relevant person in charge of the silk reeling factory, the current purchase price of silkworm cocoons in Guangxi is about 22 yuan / kg, 10 kg of silkworm cocoons can be twisted into 1 kg of raw silk, in addition to labor, machinery, water and electricity and other costs, a pound of raw silk prices must at least 200 yuan. “If the silk factory sells 100 yuan/jin of silk, it will definitely lose money. So the silk that sells for 100 yuan/kg on the market is either shoddy or fake.”

The person in charge pointed out that silk with a silk content of 100% is sold at least 250 yuan / kg, and an authentic silk quilt (more than 4 kg) on ​​the market sells for at least 1,000 yuan. And the silk quilt below this price, the citizens should pay attention to its true and false. Many unscrupulous manufacturers mix some scraps and other fibers into the silk quilt to achieve low-cost sales. It is recommended that the public pay more attention to the low-cost silk quilt, and do not suffer losses because of the cheaper.


"A look at two smells and three burns" to identify silk how to buy authentic silk quilt? Is the method of identification of silk circulated on the Internet reliable? Yesterday, the reporter asked the professor of the national sericulture industrial technology system and the director of the Institute of Silkworm Research of Guangxi University, Professor Qu Dacai, on how to identify and purchase silk.

Professor Qu said that silk is divided into two types: silk and tussah silk, the latter is rougher than the former, so the price is relatively cheap. Tussah silk is produced in the north, and Guangxi is mainly produced from mulberry silk. But no matter what kind of silk is used, the price of pure silk quilt on the market is generally more than 1,000 yuan per piece. If it is lower than this price, be careful. Professor Qu said that the current identification of silk can be used to identify true and false.

A look: When people buy silk quilts, they must first look at their sewing. According to national standards, silk must be left with a small gap when sewing. If it is sewed, it should be vigilant. The second is to look at the label to see if the silk type is mulberry silk or tussah silk, whether it is filament or short silk, and what is the silk content? If the label is not specified, it needs to be vigilant. In addition, the silk is natural white, not as dazzling as chemical fiber.

Second smell: Real silk will give off a scent of silkworm cocoons. Therefore, citizens can also identify true and false silk by smelling.

Three burns: Because the main component of silk is protein, it is mainly filament. Cotton is short fiber, and the raw material of man-made fiber is chemical. It can be identified by the burning method: the main component of silk is protein, which has certain flame retardancy. The ash is agglomerated gray-black, which can smell the burning of protein when burning; while chemical fiber and cotton are easy to burn, ash Different, the taste is different.

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