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"Andhra this life and wings, and jun from the drunk haze," autumn, to thank the old employees have been hard-working, the company organized more than one year old employees and the company performed well in some new employees and Yushan points Company executives conducted a "beautiful country" two-day tour. More than 60 employees came to Jiangshan and visited places such as Nianba Du, Dai Li's former residence, Xian Xia Guan, Jiang Lang Mountain and Qing Yang Village, trace the vicissitudes of life history, recall the beautiful legends and experience the magical nature.

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At half past eight on October 12, we set off from the company on time. Bus ride in the high-speed, we are farther and farther from the city, the scenery along the way more and more beautiful, beautiful scenery with mountains and water. Looking out the window, blue sky, clouds white, on both sides of a Biwan are. Compared to Joe's sky, I really want to steal the day back, if this 爿 naive with us back to Hangzhou, I think everyone is willing to do a "stolen thief" it. After 4 hours' drive, we came to "the ancient town of the people" which is known as the "Three Mounds of Civilizations" - 28 members of Yushan Branch have long been waiting for the meeting with us.

Arrangements for the afternoon twenty-eight ancient town, former residence of Dai Li, Xian Xia off. After having lunch at the tourist hub, walk to Nubian Ancient Town. Due to its geographical location at the borders of Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces as well as frequent wars, troops stationed and immigrants in history, and the development of 28 as a veritable dialect kingdom and an ancient town of people, Fengxi Shui passed through the town from north to south, Folk houses Yishanbangshui, edge Creek and built, green mountains and green water, Daiwa green walls, well-preserved ancient buildings are patchwork, under the guidance of the guide, we first through the military officer Yamen, Wenchang Palace, banks to foreign goods stores, Dai Li and female agents visit the Museum of the series, the experience of a journey through the millennium time, but also agricultural museum and dialect, surname Museum, multi-dimensional display of the town's local style and humanity. Nianba are honest, plain and rich cultural heritage deeply attracted tourists from all corners of the globe, but also let us never forget; Dai Li Dai personally designed by Dai Li, his brother made, seemingly two-story building is actually very sophisticated three-story , Secret, heavy organs, shows Dai Ji heavy concerns, the depth of the heart, really deserves to be the Wizards; Xian Xiaguan Su said "the southeast lock key, into the throat of Fujian", Ma Xi stone masonry Xia Xian winding in the mountains, all the way I heard that there were many major battles in history. During the Anti-Japanese War, the Chinese people stopped Japan from entering Fujian and walked on the stone steps of the Millennium Trail, as if to listen At that time, all the war drums , the smoke and the billows, the people turned their backs and horses, the fire and the skies, died desperately, did not leave the cruel film A, but also feel a husband when Kwan Wau Mo opened the tragic. Half-day journey ended before the night approaching, drove back to the downtown area, just firewood is always Jiangshan people, already arranged the authentic Jiangshan cuisine, one-day trip in the sauerkraut full end. After dinner, we selected the Jiangshan specialty - Xu Xiang Kiwi, back to Hangzhou to share with their families. Engaged in marketing for many years of firewood also want to once again fight a COOPOOL brand "a shop three provinces ring" campaign, the use of the evening rest time, Chai total inspection Jiangshan downtown shops, came the next day smoothly to get Jiangshan District Lot 30 best Jiefang Road store news, and plans to grand opening November 18, I wish Jiangshan shop business is booming, Coper brand Jiangshan shop in Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi region by the formation of a certain degree of visibility!

Compared to the first day itinerary, the next day Jianglangshan trip is the highlight of this trip, but also the beginning of the challenge. After a night of recuperation, after 8 o'clock in the morning we went to Jianglang Mountain and reached Jianglang Mountain in 30 minutes by car. Scenic mountain at the foot of the "family portrait", we go to the hillside car, when the car along the 18 song, winding up, the village at the foot of the mountain getting smaller and smaller, everyone irresistible excitement, along the tour guide to the river Langshan consists of three stone-shaped peaks arranged, currently climbing to the top of the main peak, where the mountainside potential digging more than 3,500 stone steps, climbing up to about one kilometer up to the summit. Transfer to the scenic bus reached the great man peak, look at the project, "great man peak" vast mountains, shining in the sun, shine. Guide by the guide, just suddenly enlightenment, like! Really like! He is sitting on this "pointing Jiangshan" too! Subsequently, under the guidance of the tour guide, we visited the land where 56 geological experts in East China ranked "the best in China". Into the "sky", we can see a 4 meters wide, 300 meters long trail straight through the sky, both sides are more than 300 meters high cliffs. Nature dexterity, as if cutting edge. Stretching up the steps, see the two sides of the cliff is actually completely different: the cliffs of the sun is not long grass, but the back wall of the cliff is covered with green moss. This 1,000-square-meter towering cliff covered in green moss, like a huge green tapestry hanging from the sky, no wonder some people call it "the world's largest natural green tapestry." Went up to Dengtian Ping, looked up and saw the stone steps around the cliff is not only narrow and steep, but also the basic vertical state of mind more or less have some guilty conscience, but Corpo who brave enough difficulties, we group batches and on. From the beginning, it needs hands and feet and used. Completely naked Danxia landform, up the mountain slopes reached 88 °, risk needless to say, walk in the stone steps on the hillside, do not explore the end of the next, we are like hanging on the cliff, we dither forward to reach Peak asked the kiosk, bird's-eye view, Barry mountains panoramic view, the mountain of rice fields like a block of tofu, the road is like a criss-cross spider web ... Everything has become so distant, small, but unfortunately we are late A few days, the total introduction of firewood, bird's eye view of autumn summit, where the golden rice fields more like to shop in the ground layer of gold blanket. "Heaven and Earth, the only I admire, the highest mountain, the only top I" is this pride. I am grateful to the company gave everyone a farewell escape the city, a wonderful opportunity to experience the magical nature. After a break, we must go down the mountain, in order to challenge ourselves, we have chosen the most steep Langfeng north down the mountain, after another Jiangning mountain, where the steepness of the mountain to pay the road by far, the most dangerous The stairs were 90 degrees on the ground, we shake the pace of moving down. Down the hill overlooking the opposite mountain, it shows a layer of sand and sand cover, the thickness of repeated ... all records of the sea, the edge of the cliff into a piece of green bamboo forest really give our eyes a green christening. Is really overlooking Jianglang Shan, majestic and wonderful, climbing Jianglang Mountain, steep stimulation, bid farewell to Jiang Langshan, aftertaste!

After lunch at the foot of Langfeng, we drove to the birthplace of Maoism, the ancestral homeland of Mao Zedong - Qingyang Village, where there was a lot of talents and talent. For thousands of years, the small village had gone through 8 books, 83 Jinshi; At the same time listening to tour guides, Qingyang Village is *** President of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee urged urging renovation, in recent years the leaders of the Qingyang village, go back to go after career ambitions, really A feng shui treasure ah! Two-day trip arrangements are very compact, we play are more tired, back to Hangzhou in the car fell asleep, with "beautiful country" to describe the journey I think the most appropriate it.

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