Irregular loose clothing with a long coat with

What is irregular, irregular is the conventional horizontal quilt is different, diagonal pleated more dynamic and dynamic, irregular clothing can not only handsome plus points, but also very personal, women are no longer let the sweet clothing to the shackles Live, daring to wear irregular clothing highlights fashionable.


Irregular style design, this knit cardigan style, we generally see the sweater style is it long, short paragraph there is no novelty style, this burgundy sweater style, let you feel different The knit effect, short before and after the long style design, fashion personality, free to wear skirts or T-shirts can be.

不规则宽松服装搭配 长款外套搭配

Do not say a woman is just a vase, the woman can not only dress up is very sweet, small fresh but also can be very handsome, this black windbreaker style, irregular windbreaker style, swing in the wind take a white shirt with burgundy shorts, That is fresh dress and domineering temperament. (Source: Ruima women's 2013 autumn and winter new)

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