2020 Guangdong Fashion Week Show | New Silk Road X Baba Town & Xiji·Wanwubai brand special conference ended successfully

A total of nearly a hundred supermodels from 17 cities gathered in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center to participate in a fashion event created by Guangzhou New Silk Road and Guangdong Fashion Week for children's clothing brands: Baba Town, Xiji and Wanwubai . After three months of preparation, this event was officially held.

At 8 o'clock in the morning on September 11th, various supermodels came to the venue early and began to queue up for makeup and dress rehearsals. Friends and relatives of the little supermodels also entered the venue one after another at 10 o'clock, waiting for the wonderful performance of the supermodels. .

Baba Town——My confidence comes from your wonderfulness

Baba Town has always adhered to the original intention of "love as the source", focusing on the fashion field of girls aged 3-16, drawing inspiration from the customs of foreign domains, and fusing the calm artistic conception of the East with the luxury and elegance of the West to create a unique wave A series of works in the Simian style.

Hope and "Everything White"

Hope to pursue "all things white" as the spiritual pursuit. White is the simplest and most free color. It is also the embodiment of yearning for beauty and warmth. It is the superposition and support of all colors.

On September 12th, the Guangzhou New Silk Road Supermodel Academy team once again brought a new product release together with the top ten designers of Guangdong Province Alice Chen brand. The first appearance of the [5G era] series of clothing, through the exploration of the use of new fabrics and The combination of traditional craftsmanship creates clothing products with a different kind of beauty. A tribute to the national technological leadership with the understanding and work of a fashion designer. Welcome everyone to watch.

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