High imitation diamond challenge tester

High imitation diamond challenge tester Recently, the Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Industry Association issued an emergency briefing to remind jewellery companies and consumers to be alert to “CVD synthetic diamonds”, which are mostly bare diamonds, and weigh mostly around 0.3 carats. Experts recommend that consumers pay attention to keep the consumer credentials and corresponding quality inspection certificates when purchasing.

In the month of May, the National Gold and Jewelry Inspection and Quarantine Center of the National Jewellery and Jade Products Co., Ltd. detected a total of 200 synthetic diamonds. CVD synthetic diamond. According to statistics, many of the inspection batches** found nearly 200 synthetic diamonds, mainly loose diamonds, with their weight mostly concentrated at around 0.30 carats, their net clarity mostly being “VS-S1”, and their colors mostly being “G-1”. "The quality of goods is very suitable for the needs of the Chinese consumer market." The inspection company did not declare that the products submitted for inspection contained such commodities. Therefore, it can be inferred that there are batches of such products entering the Chinese market in the near future. The report said that most of the CVD synthetic diamonds appeared in Shenzhen, mainly in bare diamonds, and they weighed about 0.3 carats.

Synthetic diamonds are close to 0.3 carats. "This synthetic drill has a weight class that targets the general consumer." Some heads of jewelry stores in Shenzhen said that 0.3-carat diamonds are more of a "geo gas." The weight of mainstream diamonds on the market is 0.2 carat to 0.3 carat. An internal survey of the jewelry industry also showed that 0.3-0.5 carats of diamonds are sold to consumers, while sales of more than 0.6 carats are relatively small.

“Actually, as early as last year, synthetic diamonds have been detected in Shenzhen, and there have been dozens of cases detected before and after this year. However, the quantity detected this year is relatively large.” According to the relevant person in charge of the National Laboratory of Quality and Supervision for Jewellery and Jade Testing, the height of the inspection center Pay attention to and warn in the industry that if it is detected twice in a row, it will be warned, the third detection will be detained, and the company will be included in the industry enterprise blacklist.

The price is less than 50% of the natural drill

The relevant person in charge of the National Jewellery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center stated that CVD high imitation synthetic diamonds are synthetic diamonds produced abroad with high technology, and their materials are also based on carbon elements like natural diamonds. Its hardness, density, thermal conductivity, brightness, flash, fire, almost no difference with natural diamonds. However, after three or five years, this CVD diamond will have its brightness, fire, and flash falling year after year until it turns yellow-brown.

According to industry insiders, CVD synthetic diamonds use traditional methods of identification, experience, hand touch, and naked eye viewing, and even experienced players are hard to identify authenticity. Even with a diamond thermal conductivity meter, high-power microscopes can hardly identify authenticity, and only large laboratories equipped with sophisticated equipment can detect it. A set of equipment capable of detecting CVD synthetic diamonds requires a minimum cost of millions of dollars; a tester who has not been trained in intensive training and has accumulated many years of test experience is difficult to identify even if he operates high-end instruments.

The diamonds synthesized by this new technology are not completely synthesized. The original stone in it is a natural diamond. The volume and weight of the original stone are increased by CVD synthesis technology. From abroad, it mainly enters the mainland market through procurement channels such as Hong Kong. The newly discovered synthetic diamonds did not have a waistline imprint and the supplier did not attach any product description. Mainland diamond dealers purchased as natural diamonds. In terms of price, the person in charge revealed that the price of synthetic diamonds was higher than that of natural diamonds in previous years due to production technology and production cost. However, in recent years, the prices of products have been lower by 20%~50 than that of natural diamonds. %.

Insiders disclosed to reporters that there are now some jewellery commercial quantities of CVD synthetic diamonds sent to the relevant testing agencies to open the certificate, and some of their own to do ** book, you can also inquiries, true and false mixed together to sell, want to buy cheap goods The majority of consumers are mostly cheated. The expert advises consumers to pay attention to keeping the consumer credentials and corresponding quality inspection certificates when purchasing. At the same time stressed that this synthetic diamond is difficult to distinguish the naked eye, so there are two ways to buy diamonds more secure: Buy bare diamonds have a GIA certificate to fly, in addition to buy inlaid finished products must be issued a quality inspection certificate.

CVD synthetic diamonds are high imitation products. Jewelry enterprises that wholesale and sell diamond jewellery (including loose diamonds) must adhere to the principle of good faith management, strictly indicate that synthetic diamonds, and sales of fake and shoddy goods are fraudulent in the market, and seriously infringe on operators and consumption. The legitimate rights and interests of the people disturb the order of the jewelry market.


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