What is the orange peel effect of jade

What is the orange peel effect of jade? The "orange peel effect" is that the jadeite is on the polished plane. When it is observed by reflection, there will be a feature of protrusions and depressions similar to the size and direction of the orange peel.

The orange peel effect of jadeite is mainly caused by the anisotropy of the hardness of jadeite minerals: the jadeite minerals which are aggregated in jadeite have different degrees of softness and hardness during polishing, and the hard jade of low hardness orientation is relatively concave. The high-hardness oriented jadeite is relatively convex, so that a relatively uneven surface of the protrusions and depressions appears, thereby constituting the "orange peel effect". Therefore, the size and mutual combination of the jadeite mineral aggregates can also be seen from the orange peel effect of jade.

Emerald A goods unique "orange peel effect"

The orange peel effect of the jadeite is more prominent in the jade A goods, and the boundary between the bulge and the depression is a smooth transition. It will be described in some books, and the orange peel effect is seen in the jade B goods. This is a conceptual error, so everyone needs to know more. In fact, Jade B goods are due to the strong acid etching effect, so that the gap between the jadeite mineral particles is very obvious, which is not a smooth transition between the protrusions and the depressions, but is separated by a crack, which is interspersed between the jadeite mineral particles. It is like a spider-like crack pattern, called "etching grain", which is obviously different from the "orange peel effect".

If your concept of the orange peel effect is still very vague now, then take a piece of orange peel to observe, corresponding to the above concept, and then combined with the appearance of jade, perhaps you should be easier to understand.

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