Summer antibacterial and anti-mite coup

As the temperature continues to rise, various insects are eager to move, and the locusts are most likely to be active in cotton home textiles that can be seen everywhere in the home, endangering humans everywhere. As we all know, mites are powerful human allergens, which can cause diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, nephritis, allergic rhinitis and allergic dermatitis. For your own health and family health, fashion and health textiles give you some advice:

Summer antibacterial and anti-mite coup

one. Normally open doors and windows ventilation and ventilation to control the indoor relative humidity below 50% is the most common method to control the level of mites and their allergens. Dry and diligent ventilation is the best weapon to eliminate them. Frequently open the doors and windows, adhere to the ventilation and light transmission, help the room to completely prevent flooding. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to indoor ventilation, ventilation, and wash the filter cotton net of the moisture absorber and air conditioner. For cotton soft toys and small pieces of textiles, low temperature freezing can also be used to remove mites.

two. Bedrooms are smashed and washed. The bedroom is one of the places where dust mites are most distributed. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the clothes frequently and change frequently. New or long-term storage of clothes should be cleaned and turned over. Blankets and mattress covers can be washed once a week with hot water equal to or higher than 55 degrees Celsius to kill aphids and remove most of the allergens.

three. Utilizing Violet Biodiesel to effectively block the aphid's characteristics of easy breeding of bacteria for bedding, Violet's many universities and research institutes in the United Nations have developed long-lasting cleaning technology, which has been successfully applied to bedding, and related technologies and equipment have been applied for. patent. Violet mainly uses three kinds of cleaning methods: nano gold / silver cleaning bacteria technology, probiotic bacteria cleaning technology, aloe vera cleaning technology, which combines the latest technological elements such as nano, green natural, active confrontation and renewable. The original patented technology allows a variety of cleaning factors to penetrate into the fiber interior to ensure a more lasting bacteriostatic effect. The liposome encapsulation technology makes the bedding more skin-friendly. During sleep, due to the increase in temperature and friction, the bacteriostatic factor is released, thereby achieving an all-round cleaning effect on the body. At present, Violet Bio-Home Textiles can achieve 99.9% cleansing effect on the bedding, and it can still achieve 99% cleansing effect after washing 10 times. It still has 90% antibacterial effect after washing 20 times. Far exceeds the relevant standards of the country. This pioneered the industry in the new era of bedding.

Summer antibacterial and anti-mite coup

By choosing a home textile, you can easily create a sterile clean sleeping space and give you the most intimate care of your dearest family. By choosing a home textile, you can stay away from the skin diseases caused by all kinds of mites allergies and have a perfect skin.

four. "Wet work" dust removal and decontamination cleaning cotton and other home textiles, pay attention to the use of wet rags or special mites to form a "wet work" habit. First use a wet towel to beat the surface of the sofa, remove the dust, and then wipe the surface with a wet towel. To prevent dust from rising, reduce the mites scattered by the air, inhaled by the human body and cause allergies. If the surface of the sofa is stained, do not scrub it with plenty of water to prevent the water from penetrating into the inner layer of the sofa. It is difficult to dry and become a breeding ground for mites.

Fives. When using a vacuum cleaner to deeply clean and clean the cotton carpet, in addition to the use of herbicides, sun exposure, etc. in the normal cleaning and drying process, in addition to mites and molds, you can also use the vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning. Frequent vacuuming along the fiber direction is used to remove aphids that accumulate in the fibers of the carpet. Be careful to change the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner frequently.

Really love health, stay away from mites, friends, usually must strengthen health, need to pay attention to less or no pets; pay attention to personal hygiene, wash your hair frequently; in the final analysis, it should strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, thereby reducing allergens such as mites The risk of infringement, if you do this, I believe that you can better protect yourself and your family.

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