Distin Kidny Diskin Kay strong brand in Shenzhen Bao-year-old department store

Warmly celebrate the artistic fashion women Distin Kidny Disco Kay brand strong settled in Shenzhen Shirble Department Store! Welcome to the vast number of consumers to buy, but also welcome the majority of intentions franchisees to visit!


Distin Kidny迪斯廷·凯品牌强势入驻深圳岁宝百货

Shenzhen Shirble Department Store is located at No. 30, Hongling Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City. It is a large-scale integrated chain commercial enterprise. Headquartered at No. 30, Hongling South Road, Hongling Branch opened on January 28, 1996 with a total of ten business halls. Area of ​​18,000 square meters, operating more than 10 kinds of species, the first listed Shenzhen single store. Since the beginning of its establishment, the company took the lead in launching the slogan of "serving the people wholeheartedly", adhering to the management concept of "customer foremost and people-oriented". More than 3,000 employees are dedicated and happy to work together to create a brilliant and famous commercial brand. "Large-scale, variety Qi, price-ping, full-featured, excellent service" distinctive features.

Distin Kidny迪斯廷·凯品牌强势入驻深圳岁宝百货

Distin Kidny迪斯廷·凯品牌强势入驻深圳岁宝百货

Distin Kidny Disney Kay Women settled in Shenzhen Bao-year-old department store, Shenzhen's fashionable women will bring alternative lazy fashion and romantic aesthetic handsome. At the same time, Shenzhen Bao-year-old shop opening, will be Tim Katyn women add new forces! Finally wish Diskin Kay women's clothing store business is booming, money come from!

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