United States HOZ Backstage Shoes 2013 Section III spring and summer wear network selection

HOZ backstreet the United States participated in the "2013 third spring and summer apparel network selection", look forward to your attention to the HOZ! The United States HOZ (Backstreet) shoes, the country has entered a well-known shopping malls, such as Beijing Xidan Joy City, Yanchai Outlets, Zaojunmiao Ya; Jilin Changchun Eurasia; Taiyuan, Shanxi Xintiandi, Wangfujing , Taiyuan Meisha; Hangzhou Tower; Jiangsu Nanjing Central Mall; Guangzhou Guangzhou 100, Shenzhen COCO Park, Maoye, Sun Department Store, etc., the country more than 300 stores. Due to the rapid development of the company, is now for the national investment! Is vigorously expanding Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Shandong, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan, Fujian and other places, intends to join do not leave a message, please call directly! HOZ Street look forward to your joining! Brand positioning: mainly for young college students and white-collar workers prefer sports and leisure sports style sports brand. Brand personality: health, vitality, personality, creativity. Target consumer groups: • Coverage of people between 16 and 40 years of age (same gender ratio). • 16-20 year olds (high school students, college students). • 21-26 year-olds (white-collar workers, involving young people with fixed income and pursuing individuality). • 27-40 year-olds (successful, busy, successful people). • The basic marketing strategy of the product Positioning Rely on the leading design capabilities in Europe and the United States, with a rigorous scientific and standardized market operation, create a new concept of HOZ products. In the Chinese market, with its large scale and potential but lacking in a true mid-range leadership brand, it has been actively building its leading edge and transforming its quality into a quantitative change so as to become the No.1 brand of casual shoes in China. HOZ brand development model BRAND DEVELOPMENT MODEL HOW TO BECOME A FRANCHISEE A, single shop to join B, multi-store to join C, regional agency channel mode MARKETING CHANNEL MODEL A, shopping mall B, street shop C, Shopping Mall Store Type STORE TYPES Large-scale shops 80 square meters and more Medium-sized shops 40-80 square meters Small shops 40 square meters Within the United States HOZ (Ruibang) Fashion International agencies China headquarters Deng Manager: QQ: Address: Guangzhou Tianhe District Tianhe Road No. 228 Guang Sheng Building 2101

The idea of JNPFOOTWEAR Women's Moccasins Collections is making the Women's Shoes with flat heel for a long walks. After we collect clients comments and feedbacks, we decide women's shoes should with

• Soft memory foam insole ( so we could feel cushion when walking)

• Flexible TPR outsole

• Wider last (cause 70% of shoes are export to western countries)

• Many colours to choose ( We have ladies white shoes, girls pink shoes,blacks shoes etc, many colours for summer & spring season to matching the clothes )

• Low MOQ (So our clients do not inventory pressures about ladies fashion colour shoes , which might only popular in one season)

We'd like to hear your ideas and comments too. Feel free to contact us. Wish we could develop a hot sale and unique women's shoes in your market.

Women's Moccasins

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