I DOLL love Duo childrens clothing career sharing will love children's clothing to create international first-line children's clothing brand

IDOLL Ai Duo Children's Wear Business Sharing Love Duo children's clothing to create the international children's clothing brand With a beautiful manifesto, pillow angel dreams, IDOLL from distant Europe Sweden came to China, for children to tell fairy tales, weaving fairy tales Beautiful clothes. IDOLL advocates: "care for flowers. IDOLL's hug is like a mum caressing warmth. IDOLL advocate: environmental protection, public welfare. Her most innovative style, bright colors, environmentally friendly fabrics, carefully outlined every detail. IDOLL advocate: angelic innocence. She is devoted to sowing the flowers of love and preserving the hearts and minds of all the children with the most sincere love. An eight-year international children's clothing brand, has a specific brand of genes. Love children's clothing style positioning: Dream • Fun • Pure • Angel-like children's clothing brand; Love children's clothing Product positioning: 3 --- 16-year-old pursuit of elegant sense of style and romantic sense of children; : A small version of the miniature clothes; Love children's clothing brand culture: Story children's book; cultural carrier: child doll Each garment is accompanied by a story about the story of a doll storybook and an identical miniature version The little clothes for dolls are given free of charge by the company and do not require consumers and dealers to pay. Ai Dou children's VIP angel, in 3 to 16 birthday can receive the birthday gift sent by the company. The company always open itself, and the majority of people with lofty ideals talk about entrepreneurship ideas, share the story of love child development, and "create a win-win" opportunities even more directly to your side. Aiduo company in July 29, 2012 held in Fuzhou, Fujian career sharing, I believe you want to be successful you will not miss! ! ! In 2012, the summer of Fuzhou, Zhongting Street children's wear city, "love child" portrait interpretation career sharing, looking forward to your participation! "Flower industry, beautiful career", because of your participation, so more brilliant!

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