Panyu has a cheat, and both the civil and military can make a good jade!

The saying of Yu Yangren must be familiar to everyone, not to be indecent, so people also raise jade.

After a period of playing, the good jade will gradually reveal to the owner, so that they can achieve a beautiful atmosphere and truly appreciate the inner beauty of jade.

The pursuit of jade can not be too quick and quick, and good jade will come out. The following sister will come to teach you how to make jade.

The new plate of the plate is not a three-five-year

A platter refers to a disc play method that achieves the effect of maintaining jade mainly by contact with human skin. The plate has less damage to the jade, but it requires a lot of patience, and often does not work for three or five years.


Exclusive tips:

Method: After all, Haoyu is in a hurry. The plate needs to place the jade in the cloth bag. The jade is received by the body to receive the constant temperature of the human body, and the jade is able to be displayed in the original color.

Advantages: Under the long-term contact of the human body and jade, the dirt and dust of the jade skin can be removed, and the external water infiltrates into the pores, adding moisture to the jade, which is more round and smooth.

Wupan old jade cultivating talent is not diligent

After at least one year's paper, the jade faded away and the hardness gradually recovered. At this time, it can be called old jade, and the old jade is suitable for the martial arts, that is, the plate is raised with a larger external force.


Exclusive tips:

1. Soak in common warm water for 2-3 hours, gently brush with a toothbrush (not soaked in boiling water), or use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean, jade is naturally removed after cooling in water, wipe with white cotton cloth, and air dry in the shade.

2. Wash your hands and hold the jade in your hands to play. The jade is rubbed and heated, and the dust in the body is quickly forced out. Never avoid the old jade that has softened the epidermis. Don't rub it hard.

3. Jade should not be exposed to greasy, sweaty greasy will block jade pores. The jade is oily and needs to be washed with boiling water.


4. When you are not playing, you should place the jade in a sealed package. If it is exposed to dust and air for a long time, it will cause damage to the jade.

Note: The martial arts disk should not be used too quickly. With the help of the external force plate jade, if it is not careful and the frequency, it is easy to cause damage to the jade.

Jade taboos are sloppy and turbid, and they lose weight.

1. Jade is afraid of falling. Therefore, be careful when handling or playing.

2. Hot and cold free will lead to a decline in the quality of jade. Like the human body, jade and cold and hot external environment can make the jade skin can not be adjusted in time, resulting in damage to the soil door, and the color will naturally decline;

3. Do not make direct contact with chemicals, such as perfumes, hairdressing supplies, etc. It is well understood that the acid and alkali of chemical products can cause great damage to jade, so avoid direct contact;

4. Jade is afraid of fire, do not bake it with fire. In the growing environment of jade, it has been subjected to natural evaporation of underground heat sources for a long time, and it is impossible to accept other types of fires.


5. Jade is clean and does not like sweat and grease. Therefore, when playing the disc, do not use jade to touch the tip of the nose and other places that are prone to oil. It will block the pores of the jade and form a "closed", which will make the jade warm and undone;

6. Jade jealousy, nearly righteous gentleman. The jade is sensitive and spiritual, and the master’s arrogance and sorrow will cause changes in jade;

7. Jade is afraid of acid, acid corrosion jade, not contact with acid.

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