The story of the jadeite war of the jade

The master of the jade carving, Wen Zhiguang, was arrested for his murder by collecting the "Jade Phoenix", and he raised his hand with the help of his father and son, Chang Jingzhai, and stood up in times of danger. In order to protect this rare national treasure, he was not afraid. Difficult. With the timidity and superb skills of his superman, he launched a series of desperate struggles with various forces such as bandits and business circles.

After the Japanese army invaded Tengchong, Chang Jingzhai launched a new anti-combat struggle with his special relationship with the Japanese military. On the surface, he was "pro-Japanese and glory". In fact, he repeatedly became the Japanese military intelligence and became a special gun. The mysterious hero of the Japanese, this dual identity made him an unbearable test. In the end, from a bodyguard and fugitive, he became the "Jade King" on the side of Fu Jia.

Calabash Brothers

My good brother, I have a bitter heart. You said to me, I walked along the road ahead, even if it was a mountain, I was too tired. At least you have our group of gourd brothers. The brothers' friendship is vaster than the sky. We must remember those years. The most rare thing in our life is to have these gourd brothers, like a glass of wine, like an old song. We slept with a bed, met for at least 8 years, passed through each other's clothes, used the other's items, quarreled over the shelf but still very iron, laughed and cried together, and the family knew the name of TA. They admire each other and like to make jokes with each other. They will bury each other. When they are sad, they will talk to each other. Although they don’t mix together often, they always remember each other. This is the Hulu brothers. If you have such brothers and sisters, please use your little hand to spread. Thank you for your company!

Me and crazy stone

Some of the winding roads from Mangshi, Yunnan, China, to the Myanmar mining area have now been stepped on as the famous jade gambling stone road. In 1978, when Song Bo was still an apprentice, he finished the whole journey for the first time. At that time, he had witnessed these unappealing stones, and how to become a valuable boutique in the hands of "gambling stone geeks" (specially buying original ore that may contain fine jadeites, and then knowing that they are losing money) Emerald.

Before the 1990s, the city of Myitkyina in northern Myanmar was one of the most concentrated trading sites in the world, but the price of jade products sold there was transparent. Therefore, the Chinese gambling stone believes that only the most gambling jade can be found in the mining area.

In order to achieve this goal, Song Bo headed into the Gaogong Mountain at an altitude of over 4,000 meters. In the third and fourth days of the Gregorian calendar, the snow on the Gaoligong Mountain did not show any signs of melting. In order to avoid the unusual weather in the evening, Song Bo had to catch a car before 8 am.

After that, the itinerary was even more difficult. He had to change into the costumes of the locals. He walked to the baseball game from the town, and then transferred to the mining area via the Myitkyina. Most of the time was a rugged Panshan path, and even a few Ten kilometers of virgin forest that is difficult to smoke. In the past few years, the Burmese situation has been turbulent, and he has to face the martyrdom of the checkpoint. The journey is full of unpredictable variables.

However, such an adventure is valuable. In 1982, a group of Burmese caravans picked up a piece of ore on the China-Myanmar border line. They quickly dumped the bulky stone into a bonded merchant in Yingjiang, a small town in the border town, claiming that only 400 yuan would be recovered. RMB can be. The stone was dusted in the corner of the warehouse for three years. Until one night in March 1985, a group of Chinese jade gamblers made it and cut it, only to find that the stone contained a large piece of emerald green. The price reached 600,000 yuan.

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