Why do glass curtain walls need shading?

[China Glass Net] The appearance of the glass curtain wall is beautiful and the overall feeling is strong. The glass body decorated by the glass curtain wall has a large area of ​​glass and metal structure, and its glass surface has strong heat exchange and high heat transmittance, so it will be indoor heat. Conditions have a great impact. In the hot summer sun, thick sunlight is injected into the room through the glass, which is the main cause of overheating in the room.

If a shading system is installed on the glass curtain wall, the direct sunlight can be reduced to a large extent, thereby avoiding indoor overheating, which is one of the main measures for building heat protection in hot areas. After setting the sunshade, it will have the following effects and effects:

First, the effect of shading on solar radiation. In general, the shading coefficient is controlled by the properties of the material itself and the environment. The effect of the sunshade on blocking the radiant heat of the sun is quite large, and the shading measures of the glass curtain wall building are more effective.

Second, the effect of shading on indoor temperature. Shading prevents the indoor temperature from rising. When there is sunshade, the room temperature amplitude is small, the room temperature has a large time delay, and the indoor temperature field is uniform. Therefore, the sunshade can reduce the cooling load on the air-conditioned room, so for air-conditioned buildings, the sunshade is one of the main measures to save energy.

Third, the role of shading on lighting. From the point of view of natural lighting, the shading measures will block direct sunlight, prevent glare, and make the indoor illumination distribution more uniform, which will help the visual work. For the surrounding environment, the sunshade can disperse the reflected light of the glass of the glass curtain wall (especially the coated glass), avoiding the light pollution caused by the large-area glass reflection.

Fourth, the role of shading on the appearance of the building. The external shading system is used as an active façade element and is even called a double façade. One floor is the facade of the building itself, and the other is the facade of the dynamic sunshade. This “dynamic” image of the building is not due to the fashion needs of the building facade, but to a new modern architectural form that modern technology solves human energy-saving and natural needs.

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