Fitness boom rises with sneakers

This site on August 13th, the trend of this kind of thing really is to look at the street shot is the most direct: a few years ago you see the street photographers of major photographers, basically no one will wear shoes; but in the past year or two, high heels The frequency of appearances has been very low, and it is replaced by a big wave of shoes.

In fact, even if it is not a professional, Xiao Bian can also answer why you are so hot this year. The primary factor is definitely the prevalence of fitness in the global context, and health has become an important standard for the United States. Of course, health does not mean that you can gain weight. Instead, you have to be thinner and more versatile. It is like a thin waist that is popular every year. However, this year’s change is not just to be fine, but Vest lines, mermaid lines, and abdominal muscles are all necessary. Practice it. It is actually more difficult to have wood there.

The fitness boom has driven a big wave of developments in related fields. Sportswear is needless to say. Many fashionable girls have long used sports bras and compression Pants as daily clothes to get out of the street, and there is also a large variety of wearable smart devices. Sports bracelets, smart watches, sports trackers and more.

The sisters will say, Everyone knows that the shoes are comfortable to wear, but it's really hard to wear fashionable and good-looking... Please, I used to wear Wei Adi in junior high school. Why didn't I think how stylish it was? Well, although It is not easy to make mistakes, but after all, we are not all supermodels that are straightforward and straightforward. How can we find it uncommon?

[sneakers + shorts / short skirts with long legs in the hands of a squat]

If you happen to have a big, long leg that everyone sees in love with flowers, then congratulations, your figure is already half done in fashion circles. For leggy stars, the full meaning of summer is the bare legs, and summers without big white legs are always incomplete. Short skirts/shorts can increase the proportion of long legs, making you look taller and thinner. Advanced wear is accompanied by a variety of socks, but this method must be careful to wear, it is likely to be abandoned by straight men.

[sneakers + Shirt skirts work appointments]

Who says that shoes can not deal with serious occasions? Just a shirt skirt, you can easily create a simple and generous image of the workplace. Dress code requires stricter white-collar workers to learn quickly. And Dresses for shirts and sneakers are not only suitable for wearing in the office, but also have no problem with dating boyfriends after work. There is no feminine sneaker in the eyes of straight men.

[Sports shoes + A skirt is cute and sexy and the most charming]

This summer, a little cute, light and sexy is the most fashionable. Even if you don't have long legs and small waists, it doesn't matter. Use a high-rise A-line skirt to cover the lower abdomen that is most likely to be full of fat. With a stomach-covering outfit, reveal the leanest 10 cm below the navel and above the chest. Then you will find that weight is not so important, after all, no one will carry the weight scale with you to have more than one.

【One white is the most fashionable】

This year's hottest shoes are of course white shoes! Looks cool and stylish with a white look.

The above is what Ms. Mu summarized for you wearing shoes, you learned it? (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Brand recommendation: Moheimi Tanbi slave)

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