TAHAN × 2014 Wuhan International Fashion Week brand new charm

1989 TAHAN was born in the beautiful scenery, full of humane atmosphere in central China's port city of Wuhan. TAHAN, with its unique geographical advantages and the fashionable elements of East, West, South and North, has taken the fashion trend both at home and abroad to deduce the ladies' brand that perfectly reflects the elegance and fashion of oriental women. TAHAN advocates the concept of "Designed For Elegant Woman". The design principle of TAHAN is to use high-quality fabrics with exquisite and fashionable tailoring. With reference to the latest global trend, TAHAN integrates oriental culture The interpretation of the series of fashion clothing. For China's successful professional women and the world's professional women to provide quality clothing with.

太和 - TAHAN

TAHAN×2014武汉国际时尚周 展品牌全新魅力

In 2014, TAHAN will inherit and innovate the brand. From classic black and white to simple leaf pattern printing, single product profiles, design are based on simple lines, TAHAN2014 spring and summer series of more beautiful colors, tailoring, including the use of stitching, as well as some leather and skirt mix and match , A combination of a variety of materials, modern fierce and elegant style collide with each other in the female body to be released.

I believe the future TAHAN will give the majority of fashion beauty ladies bring more changes and surprises, vividly show you the classic long-lasting and innovative forward-looking masterpiece.

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