Autumn and winter listing of new flamingos stunning debut

Red clothing reminds us of the flirtatious woman with flames, the first feeling is absolute passion. Eye-catching beautiful red in many colors can be described as the classic color stand out, it is warm, generous, a symbol of good luck and good luck, but also more and more publicity by women's favorite. But the red is more difficult with the color, if it fails with unsatisfactory, it is better to give up the two-piece combination of equipment, direct one piece walked up.


Free Bird 2013 autumn and winter new

Long-sleeved red dress into a lot of exquisite embroidery, a combination of lace fabric, the noble woman, glamorous and sexy charming all set off. Currently the most popular fashion elements are all included in the designer bag, vague sense of perspective to bring a different visual experience.

秋冬新款上市 红色火烈鸟惊艳出场

Free Bird 2013 autumn and winter new

The same red dress, this red woolen coat coat has a retro aristocratic wind, three-dimensional full design in the chest with a lace mesh design, two kinds of fabric splicing to show the soft and charming temperament , Black lapel and belt with the classic combination of color to create a classic style.

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