The perfect combination of glaze and 22K gold with sterling silver


Gold does not change color, and glaze never fades. The combination of the two represents a long time. The preciousness of gold and the clarity of the glaze are the symbols of wealth and nobility. The elegance is not lost, it is a bridge connecting the wearer's soul. It is suitable for wearing at a stage that is more important to you and has a commemorative value. It is also appropriate to give people who have a significant impact on themselves.

Combination of glaze and sterling silver

The combination of the two is like heaven, the embodiment of holiness and spirit. The warm glass and soft sterling silver purify all the cumbersome and secular worlds, so that the ideal can be improved and give a pure space. You can express your own loyalty and loyalty to your feelings, and you can also express your persistence in some beliefs in life.

Rayon Embroidery Thread

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