Thanksgiving have you all the way - I Do Jinan Members Day activities

July 22 I Do held in Jinan, "Thanksgiving all the way with you," the member theme activities for the majority of Jinan I Do members have brought a warm and romantic membership day. At the scene of the event, an I Do member confession to his girlfriend fell in love eight years, with the careful arrangement of I Do, the girl was invited to come to power. The scene was followed by a retrospective photo of her eight-year romance made by her boyfriend, I Do. Tanabata festival approaching, in this season of release of love, I Do advocate for her beloved She prepares A gift, without language confession, she can feel your long-term love. To a beloved TA an everlasting vow, I Do bring you a perfect sparkling dream life! Because of love I Do, adhering to the "cherish with rare" brand concept, carrying the infinite expectations of good emotions and life commitments, as a model of the global emotional jewelry brand, I Do the pursuit of the ultimate, with the rarest platinum, The most brilliant diamonds, to create the world's most beautiful love token, I Do firmly believe that only so precious to be able to match your precious emotion.

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