How to identify the origin, quality and purchase of coconut shell beads?

"The treasure is more than the thousand foxes" The ancients have the allusion to the 腋 腋 裘 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 狐 典 典 典 典 典 典 典 典 典 典 典 典 典And the coconut bud beads, the same is a coconut shell can only take one piece, in order to have such a metaphor.


In addition to the characteristics of the coconut ribs, the brown eye is his biggest advantage, the second advantage is the thickness, at least 5mm (such coconut coconut shell is usually only 3~4mm), thicker can easily get 8mm, Even 10mm+ (coconut is not easy). However, due to the position limitation, the diameter is usually only 8 mm to ensure the thickness (less than 9 mm).

[features of origin]

In addition to the common Hainan coconut shell, the imported coconut shells are mostly from Nepal, Malaysia and the Philippines. The color of the coconut shell is dark brown, the brown eyes are less, the gold thread is thinner, and the density is higher than that of Hainan coconut shell. .

Hainan coconut shell:

It does occupy 70% of the coconut shell market. He is characterized by large brown eyes, thick gold wire, and slightly poor density of imported coconut shells, which can be seen from the speed of material cutting.

Indian coconut syrup:

India is absolutely made of coconut shells, but the coconuts in India are very small, the coconut shells are also very thin, the materials are basically less than or equal to 4 mm, it is difficult to produce more than 5 mm of raw materials for the beads, so only coconut shells can be made. .

Indonesian coconut shell:

Indonesian red coconut, after polishing, is slightly dark red under the sun, high density, large size, the best raw material of coconut.

[color analysis]

Primary color coconut shell:

Imported coconut shell material color dark brown, Hainan coconut shell color is close to brown or brownish yellow, play two months to change color until black.

Oily coconut shell (the darker brown looks almost black):

In order to make the coconut shell better sold, some merchants apply oil to make the coconut shell black, and the disc is actually the same. In short, it is black, but the brightness will be slower than the oil.

Dyed coconut shell (usually pure black, such as ink carbon):

There is nothing in the low-level treatment method. It is not necessary to say that the potassium permanganate, shoe polish, and ink streams are not dissipated. It is not only necessary to dye the coconut shell with white skin to fill the thickness. This coconut shell will give up directly.

[Choose coconut shell]

Coconut shell production is relatively extensive, and the error range is basically within plus or minus 0.2MM. However, the high-end handmade coconut shell can be more stringent in error requirements, generally greater than 0.1, not to mention that it is high-end manual.

The thicker the coconut shell (not including the thickness of the skin), because the price of the material is higher, the thickness of the coconut shell is not much less than 6 mm. The finished product of 7 mm is the high-end coconut shell rosary.

It is strongly recommended not to pursue thickness, big and big, small and small, suitable for yourself is the best. (108 beads thickness 5~7 is the best, get a 10mm thickness of 108 beads hanging neck is too long and not pleasing to the eye) Wenwan wenwan, the elderly are the playthings of the literati, here to highlight a "Ya" word. Do not blindly follow the trend of "seeking expensive", choose the stupid big, local tyrants play, the labor and the loss of money is only the disdain of others.

Other aspects are actually very simple, less brown eyes, less gold thread, can never bring white skin, workmanship, overall sense of strength, pick up a line, the style is elegant.

1. White skin must be preferably removed, as long as your economy allows it. In the future, no matter how many years you spend, it is difficult to blacken it, which affects the appearance, so it is not advisable to have a skin coconut shell even thicker. When you want to shoot, with a white skin coconut shell, unless sold to a novice, no one wants, seriously affecting the value, can only be sold cheaply.

2, coconut shell is a natural material, affecting the appearance of the associated with brown eyes, gold wire, etc., brown eyes may look like potholes, even imported horses, Philippine high-end raw materials are inevitable, as shown in the stars and months There may be no stars, and ivory cannot be without lines. These two associated defects do not affect the appearance of the coconut shell in the future, and can be gradually covered by the disc. However, the big brown eye pits and thick gold lines are really ugly on the outer surface, which affects the appearance and is not desirable.

3. Therefore, if you want to buy a coconut shell that has almost no brown eyes, you can't do it after you buy a lot of Puppies on the market! Buy a good quality coconut palm directly! It is inevitable that the price of the coconut syrup is expensive, but it is a one-step choice.

4, the process should also pay attention to, some players encountered to get the hand black and bright, but after the disk is turned black, similar to the anti-alkali coconut shell, it is understood that it should be waxed during processing and polishing, in order to quickly sell brightly to sell Phase, the waxing thing can't be played out (the jade class is okay, the wood bodhi tired most hate waxing) everyone knows.

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