Chu Court Fashion Women: I heard that the dress and Dragon Boat Festival with Oh

The annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming, which means that a real summer is coming. Is the hot summer of the hot sun, how can a cool dress slip. Xiao Bian today for everyone to recommend Chu Pavilion 2015 summer several sundresses, likes to quickly start it!


1, gauze wide-bows harness dress

Stitch stitching Tube Top style dress even more stylish exquisite, pure and elegant white, into the process similar to embroidery, so that section of the upper body to achieve the ultimate effect of the dress, highlight the good figure of women.


2, wide-brimmed splicing dress

Stitching process enduring due to its playful and antique, with two visual sense, there are stylish and playful retro taste, it is recommended.


3, woven lace floral dress

Extremely simple version of the shape, waist process done quite well, to hide the less than perfect waist curve. Strap halter halter, in the summer is very refreshing cool. Floral designs full of holiday style, how can the beach less this dress it.


4, wooden beads harness long dress

When it comes to the beach holiday, crush of course, a staff dress, full of sea breeze blowing fluttering goddess Van. This section of the 2015 Spring Summer Chuge style design more obvious wave of the industry, the fullness of the butterfly pattern, harness combination of wood beads craft, do not want to attract attention is difficult Oh ~

Near the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, start with a harness dress and girlfriends honey boyfriend holiday with the beach it ~ this summer, dress and Dragon Boat Festival with Oh ~

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