Men like different colors of different colors underwear refraction of different personalities

Different colors of underwear for women who represent different styles, and men like different colors of underwear has a different meaning Oh, a variety of colors reflect the different men's personality. What kind of underwear do you like in your family? What kind of character is he? We follow Jie child underwear together to reveal.


This cleansing purple underwear, for women, the shape of 3/4 cup very shaping effect, romantic lace lace, double noble. For men, purple gives a mysterious feeling, but people who like purple are the kind of people who love romance. If the boy likes purple, then he will be able to create a romantic, if you choose such a boy, he will give you romance. Is that your family like that?

男人喜欢什么颜色的内衣 不同颜色折射不同性格

Pink underwear in the woman's wardrobe is normal, sweet pink set off women's shy, light colors are wild. Men who like pink often tend to be interested in everything, but they do not want to take the initiative to explore. They also have a tendency to rely on others. Most men who like pink also have a gentle personality and a broad mind.

男人喜欢什么颜色的内衣 不同颜色折射不同性格

Jiejie blue models underwear, thin, sandy technology to make the sexy more complicated and confusing, more heart-shaped bow butterfly heart. If your family loves this blue underwear, then it means he is a man who is generally more vulnerable to sentimentality. However, he is able to maintain a balanced, harmonious and often calm, stable and strong sense of security. Like blue men, like solitude, do not love the fun.

男人喜欢什么颜色的内衣 不同颜色折射不同性格

Black lingerie is a small sexy women show the essential colors, mysterious colors always gives the feeling of ambiguity, so like black underwear men, this is the most elusive man of change, he regarded himself as self-righteous, like Hiding his true nature, but will accidentally reveal the heart of the child; he does not like to be understood perspective, like to be mysterious, but also insisted on maintaining their own unique taste.

男人喜欢什么颜色的内衣 不同颜色折射不同性格

Men are more obvious in color, red can be said to be very fascinated, so often there are also women who love to wear red underwear. Love red male passionate, love life, talkative talk, dancing is very charismatic, but often also have a wayward side, emotional ups and downs relatively large. But overall is a optimist for life, and with him is not lack of fun Oh.

The above is for you to introduce several common colors of underwear, what kind of color do you like your dear? What character do you understand? Want to know more about underwear knowledge, please continue to pay attention to China Beauty Network underwear channel oh.

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