Different styles of printing shirt fall printing equipment with

Continuation of the summer printing elements, this fall will still print as a fashion theme. Or colorful, or monotonous simplicity, a wide range of pattern printing carries a different style, but also to meet the majority of women's different needs of fashion. Here are three of the fall print have their own characteristics, whether it is worn alone or with other clothing Do not have flavor it!


A pattern: flowers printing

Flower printing, the most common pattern colors. Always with a few pastoral style, fresh Ya Yun, literary temperament, green folds of clothing embellishment, five-sleeve design, fashion reveals a bit of retro, but it is also the style of modern young women like. With a black hip skirts, the United States and impressive.

不同样式的印花上衣 秋季印花装搭配

Pattern 2: Peacock pattern printing

Perhaps some dazzling, but so absorbing. The same is a seven-sleeve version, has a very thin effect. The overall figure highlights the bumpy profile. Black stitching splicing interesting print pattern, showing the art and fashion. Black skirt with pretty temperament.

不同样式的印花上衣 秋季印花装搭配

Three patterns: Leopard series

From afar, it will be such a sharp leopard to conquer. Not all women can HOLD such a single product. That enthusiasm unrestrained, that kind of confident atmosphere makes a woman more attractive. With a black Slim pants, a strong aura. Picture from: Kisses Kiss Women


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