lee official flagship store 2014 autumn men's new autumn with

Autumn is coming, men should stock up for their own autumn, and do not wait for the weather was cold before they think about buying clothes. Many do not buy clothes, Otaku will ask, what style of clothes take and fashion it? Here with Xiaobian go to lee official flagship store to see the 2014 fall new men's match it! This men's stylish round neck sweater coat, three-dimensional cut, simple gray color but without losing the fashion, but also formal and casual combination of men's idealized dress style, with a white print T shirt or plaid shirt, put on stylish jeans, casual shoes, so cool to be so simple. Shirt men's closet indispensable a single product, lee this men's long-sleeved shirt chest personality yellow, blue, dark gray stripes hit color, significant personality, very stylish seductive, With the pair of jeans and casual shoes can be collocated, simple and stylish.

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